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Littlesand Notes

The Littlesand Software’s sticky notes app is again on the market, now with a new name: Littlesand Notes Full: The easiest way to show notes on your phone’s desktop!


Robocardwars released

Robocardwars has been released to the Android Market. Robocardwars is a casual card game, very fast and easy. You can play alone or with up to 3 other friends. There is a fully functional free version for two players, with many levels: Robocardwars Lite. Enjoy!


Construction Helper updated to v1.1

Released the new version of Construction Helper. The full version now includes a Unit converter and a Triangle calculator. With the unit converter you can convert length, area, volume, weight and density values from metric to imperial system, the other way round or within any system. The triangle calculator allows you to obtain a triangle [...]



Robocardwars is a funny 3D card game where speed and reflexes are crucial. Up to four players can play at once... (read more)


Morsa transforms your mobile phone into a morse transmissor, that uses light flashes, sounds and vibration as symbols... (read more)

Just Posit

Just Posit! is a perfect app to make notes, always easy and accesible... (Continue reading)